I believe you, like me, were created as a unique and perfect individual for your life’s journey.  Within you is a unique combination of skills, talent, interests, passions, dreams and desires designed to enrich you and empower you to create a positive impact on the world.  It is very likely that you have a vision of what you desire that life to be.  Life’s journey has brought with it unexpected twists and turns and you find yourself some way off target.  In the hectic pace of life you’ve lost your way and become engulfed in a whirlwind of survival and default activities.  

You can feel the need for change.

You know there is MORE to life and your work but are struggling to figure-out what “IT” is.

You are ready for the type of change that will reconnect you to who you are at your core where you can live YOUR dreams.

You are ready for the type of change that will get you unstuck and empower you to move past the beliefs, conditioning, fears and doubts that hold you back.

You are ready for the type of change that will give you the confidence and knowledge to prioritise YOU and do more of what you love.

You are ready for the type of change that will help you rediscover your joy and passion for life.

You are ready to take action: to invest in yourself and your life.  

You are ready to do whatever it takes because you want to start living the life of your choosing TODAY. 


You’re where you are ad you know that’s not, where, who or how you want to be.  My role as your coach is to support you in gaining clarity on  your starting point, discovering where you want to be and getting you there.  

When you choose to work with me you get my commitment to be:







Your biggest supporter

Working together, we will sharpen your vision and devise strategies and plans of action to help you bring it to reality.  I will provide you with the support, guidance, tools and accountability you need to change your mindset and take consistent action to create the life you desire.

It’s time to embrace and live authentically  as YOU.




A 180-minute strategy session to map out your journey from here to there. Gain insight, clarity, and confidence to move forward towards a life that thrives. Perfect for those who want guidance and support in taking their next steps. You will:

  • Assess where you are:  Take and honest look at your like now
  • Identifying what you want to change: Who do you want to be/where do you want to go?
  • Create your road map: Ouline action steps, habits and tools to help you move forward.




You are feeling overwhelmed, confused or stuck in a rut.  Perhaps you’re facing a roadblock you are struggling to get around; longing to achieve a specific goal or could benefit from a  step by step plan to move you closer towards you dream.  This focused program is designed to get you moving and will give you confidence to help shift you into gear.  You’ll identify the primary focus where you want to thrive, develop the strategies you need to make it happen and create a plan for your next steps.  You will:

  • Decide To Thrive: Choose one area of focus
  • Dig Deep: Get to the root of what’s going on and that’s holding you back
  • Plant and Water: Develop a growth plan with action steps and strategies that you need to thrive



We will explore your current situation and mindset for clarity to empower you to show up authentically for YOU at points of transition such as career changes, promotion, relocation or looking to develop confidence and personal impact.

  • Get clarity on your starting point: Take an honest look at you life now
  • Dig Deep: Get to the root of what’s going on and what’s holding you back
  • Renew Your Mind:  Evaluate your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and see what serves you best



We’ll concentrate on masterminding the long term vision of thriving that resonates with YOU and your heart’s desire.  You’ll be guided through breaking free of the boxes of social conditions and expectations to define the life YOU want.  By exploring different topics each week, including your dreams, passions, desires, values; we will produce a customised plan of actions for you.  You will:

  • Reconnect With YOU: Discover your talents, strengths, passions and more.
  • Renew Your Mind:  Evaluate your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and see what serves you best
  • Redefine Your Life: Identify what you really want and develop tools, strategies and steps to make it happen.


When you decide to work with us, you will benefit from guidance and support which draws on personal experiences, those of friends and family as well as the knowledge gained through certification training.  All coaching packages are based on a holistic approach to personal growth and development.  Each encompasses but is not limited to self exploration; evaluation of strengths, values and beliefs; desires and alignment.

Our process begins with you expressing an interest in working with me by booking a free consultation call here.  During the 40 minute call we work on establishing:

  • what changes will create the biggest positive impact 
  • the answer to any questions you might have about the process I use
  • how you will benefit from working with me 

We will work through the agreed program based the agreed level of entry as detailed above and this will be followed by an inclusive review session.  The review session is a formal opportunity to track progress and determine whether us working together will continue to add value to you and agree an appropriate approach for doing so?