Who’s Wearing Your Shoes?

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You might be wondering what on earth is she talking about now.  So let me start by saying I’m not talking about you sharing you shoes with  sisters or sister friends for those a essential nights out. 


What I’m talking about are those walking shoes designed just for you.  Equipped with every feature you need to get through the jungles; over the hills and around the obstacles that will create the terrain of your life.  

This week was a good one and it taught me much.  Receiving the call to say my 12 year old had been involved in an accident, my heart instantly jumped into my hands as an open book with lesson after lesson popping up as if I were reading a children’s pop-up book.  

I leave this one with you.  Your shoes are yours alone and only you can wear them, carve and walk your path and attain fulfillment and meaning for you.  Maybe you’ve lived you life so far based on the expectations of others while your shoes and your path remain untouched or forsaken in a corner somewhere. 

I’m grateful that all scans showed up all clear and we only had a 4 hour stay at the hospital.  As she often prays, I pray that you will all find and fulfill your purpose this side of life.

Today you can choose to to begin or resume that journey: find those shoes, dust off the cobwebs, lace them up and book your strategy call here and let’s get you on the way.

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