What’s really holding you back?

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

Do you remember that dream that burned in your mind and soul when you were younger? 

It was that one thing, the thought of which would transform every gloom to a bright and sunny day, make you smile and give you wings. 

Whatever happened to it?

Is it being lived?

Have you achieved it?

Are you pursuing it?

The Truth

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The truth is that many of us lose true selves and our dreams with time.  This happens for a variety of reasons and the one I talk about today is the one that holds you back – that keeps you captive as long as you will allow you self to be held: FEAR.

Who will allow themself to the be held captive, I hear you ask.  That is a very good question and the danger is that often, when held by fear, one does not easily realise the reality of the situation.  We deny fear and rarely fail to acknowledge it as a problem we as individuals face.  Instead we choose the easier option: we attribute blame for our circumstances to everything and everyone around us, except we ourselves.

Denial and attribution of blame does not change the fact that fear remains a hindrance on our journey towards change and fulfillment.

Breaking Free From Fear

Our God-given full potential will remain unrealised until we acknowledge, and face it head on.

What is the feeling or situation that you habitually avoid?

What is the activity that you are always too busy to do that you must leave it to others?

Which is the decision that never seems urgent enough to be made, yet it is always on your list?

Whatever it is, the only way to move forward with your life is by overcoming fear.  You can do that by taking  action to confront it, drawing on your God-give strength and make a decision to effect change in your life.

What Now?

  • Could you identify fears based on the questions posed above?
  • Are you concerned about how much or what fear is costing you?
  • Do you feel stuck?  Are you ready to break free?

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