What is Individuality to You?

The oldest soul I know to be an old soul currently lives in the one I was blessed with the honour of giving birth to.  This reflection is brief and comes on the back of a conversation we recently shared about purpose (I may well delve deeper into this in a subsequent post).  

At her age, I admit that I had no understanding of the concept of purpose beyond its application to the use of objects.  As she begins to the process of creating her identity, I am enthralled and a little petrified.  The thought that stayed with me for some time after our conversation was the thought of individuality and its importance to living a purposeful life.individuality, shine, free spirit, freedom

We often profess and often boast of being our own person – “I am my own woman” or “I am my own man” we say.  Still when the landscape of life is surveyed, the array of colours and vibrance one would expect to be present is missing.  Ask yourself these questions: 

Am I a conformist or non-conformist, a commonalty or a rarity?

Am I living my life in an individualist way?

Does my life reflect the colours that live deep within me or am I dimming my shine?

Am I free at heart?

The answers will teach you or at the very least remind you of what individuality is to you and more importantly, the extent to which you are embracing it in your everyday life.

Download this free worksheet and take stock.  If the answers are less than desirable and you are ready to break the moulds and live free then book your call here today.

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