The Pursuit of Perfection – Myth vs Reality

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection. 

George Orwell

Perfection - The creation of the moulds

Image result for new born babyThe fact that you are here means your journey, like mine, began somewhere some time ago with a clean slate.  Your family, biological or not, became the foundation of you and as a child you believed in a shared view.  It is here that in the first instance we start to deviate from the reality of life.  The language of parents, family and society at large shape our identities.  It is here that more often than not, at least that is how it was for me, that we are taught that “Nobody is perfect”.  So begins a life in a vain pursuit of “perfection”.

Perfection by this ingrained societal standard is centered around the absence of failure and mistakes – everything must be right at all times.  As we are conditioned to believe this in our formative years, this belief becomes our shared truth until we find our personal and relative truth for what it is.

Perfection - The Grave


We go through the education system and the quest continues.  We are taught that we must learn to become somebody – as if we were created less than somebody.  We must pursue and achieve certain things to be deemed successful or worthy, be that grades, careers, sports or otherwise.  Do you remember your teenage years and the pressures of deciding what you wanted to become?  I my time everyone was to be a teacher, doctor or lawyer.  For me it was a lawyer because I could question the milk out of hot cocoa.

At that crucial point in life the goal was to fit into what was deemed acceptable: to be good enough for and in the eyes of everyone else.  What about you – the individual – the creator, the artist?

You adopt to a life of limitations and impossibilities.  Fear becomes ingrained. Life is lived wanting things that we do not really want, pursuing goals we don’t want to achieve.  Essentially we spend years working against ourselves and society at large deems that acceptable.  I know, how messed up is that?  

Thankfully, the truth is that we are each unique, with our individual journey and our own perfection within us and life in its limitlessness will continue regardless.


Perfection - Life

Perfection is life itself in each and every one of you and in me too.  

It is that intricately woven tapestry which will be rendered incomplete to some degree and for someone if any one of us was not here.  

Image result for tapestry of life

It requires each one of us and all that we create with our innate power of infinite possibility.  By embracing and accepting that all things are possible even though the route required might not align with our expectations and or desires, we free our selves to create.  Unwavering strong will and discipline to execute determined and consistent efforts regardless of circumstances are the foundations of realising such possibility.

It is embracing life and all that it brings: good, bad, highs, lows, joys, sorrows, wins and losses.  It is in this that we fulfill our mission – to enjoy life and be happy (we’ll discuss happiness in another post).

Your are perfection

Your are perfect just the way you are.

You were created uniquely and especially for your journey.  Only you can be you and live your life.  There is no need to try to be something or someone else.  You need only open yourself up to the journey, growth and change.

Choose today to embrace the fact that you are as you should be in this moment. Shift your point of view: trust yourself and your abilities, live authentically and free – that is perfection

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