Let’s Talk About: Why Not Now

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Joel A. Barker

Do you have one or more New Year resolution?

Let's start at the end and the beginning

What date is it?

Where are you right now as you read this?

That’s the end of you getting in your own way and holding yourself back.  It is also your beginning – your starting point for designing, creating and living the life you deserve and were created to live.  

Ready, Set, Go!

How Did I Get Here?

One of my Mum’s favourite saying was “Experience is the greatest teacher.” and I have come to validate that as truth in my life.  

It is so easy to get caught up and buried while we still live.  When you pause to reflect on your life, which I hope is regularly, what lessons do you learn?  Can you embrace the fullness of your life and where it has brought you to? Or are there element that leave you fearful, crippled or worse yet reluctant to acknowledge their existence?

From birth through to adulthood, in environments not of our own making or choice, we are moulded.  Our homes and education systems shape us and what we grow up to deem moral, acceptable, desirable and the “norm”.  

We move from being born free of inhibitions with the world as our oyster to loosing ourselves in the standards and expectations of everyone but us.  With our passions, purposes and potential deeply buried; armed only with a warped perception of self and what we can do, we pursue the all elusive perfection.  The career, the relationship, the family, the business and the various societal measures of success.

How Long Will It Take?

After several cycles and years of chasing, we realise there is still a void that remains untouched: empty in spite of the accolades and “successes” achieved and accomplished.

For me it took hitting rock bottom: financial and emotionally with no choice but to stare depression and anxiety dead in the eye.  I took a good hard look at them and at myself and made the decision that I am good, powerful and worthy enough to live this life and live it to the fullest.  I took flight.

This didn’t mean that I stopped being afraid.  It meant that despite being afraid and not feeling like it, I made choices and took action.  Even when I was tired I did job searches; when I felt too weak, I made the time to get out of the house.  I recalled the times in the past when I had pulled through and drew from the strength I had found then to see me through.  

How long will it take for you to decide to feel the fear and do it anyway?  What will it take for you to make the shift?  What must inaction cost you before you break the moulds and confines you have been living?  What needs to happen before you decide to show up fully and authentically for YOU.

You Are Perfectly You

If you’ve not been told told this before then I am telling you here and now that you are perfectly you.  No other person is qualified for the role.  It is yours in it’s yours in its multifaceted entirety.  

You are the cameraman and lighting specialist cable of shaping your perception and the way you experience life.  You are the script writer to determines the acts and scenes.  You are the director who determines when actions takes place and when to pause for revival. 

You are the star who define your success by commitment to executing every word and action with precision and purpose for maximum impact.

You were destined to thrive and and be all you were created to be – to live a full life and soar.  

Today Commit to You a New Life Resolution

Life is a journey of valleys, hills, defeats, triumphs, tears and laughter.  It is a gift – a perfect gift.  There is no need to twist and turn it to make it what you have been taught it ought to be.  When you accept life as it is, with gratitude and an open heart, you you begin to live and life becomes a joy.

You know you deserve, want and have the potential and desire to be and do more.  Today, make a commitment to YOU that you will:

  • embrace who you are: your dreams, passions and purpose
  • accept you life and live the life you were created to 
  • step out of your comfort zone and aim high
  • take flight and soar
What Next?
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