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My name is Tilern De Bique and I am a certified Life Coach with a focus on Personal Transformation and Liberation.

What does that even mean?

It means I have dedicated myself to serving professional women change their lives so they live fully and freely on their terms in alignment with the things that matter most to them. For some that is greater balance, congruence and fulfilment across the board; for others, it is finding joy, passion and purpose to compliment the external trappings of success they currently enjoy. For others still, it is reclaiming her personal power and confidence to stand up for herself and shake off the burdens of shame, guilt and failure she has been carrying for years trying to keep up with societal standards.

Why do I do it?

I was born a free spirit – real rebel at heart with an adventurous nature on the most beautiful little island of St. Vincent. Having left home one week after turning nineteen to move thousands of miles away from home to join the British Army, I have been navigating life on my own since then for almost two decades. I have lived some life and Life has been my greatest teacher and has helped me to flourish into who I am today.

You name it and I have probably faced and overcome it at some point. Grief, having lost my mother less than two years after leaving home. Later, I was forced to make a choice between a career I loved and caring for my daughter when I become a single mother my now 13-year-old daughter. Naturally, I didn’t take the easy way out – I stood up for what I believed to be right and started the uphill battle on multiple fronts including depression and anxiety in the face of prolonged unemployment. Bewilderment is an understatement for what I felt at the time.

I was a couch potato and even opening the post was a challenge I most often ignored. I believed that was as much as I deserved despite knowing I had so much potential. Therefore, my biggest battle was within me and I fought that battle every single day until I started clawing my way back to my power in 2009. I got myself registered and went to university, graduating with hons before carving myself a new career path as a project manager. I determined to live and to live well, to allow my daughter to live well.

I know what it is to face obstacles. I know what it is to be down and and out; above all else, I know what it is like to try to do I alone. This is why I want to help you navigate the challenges you now face in living your most fulfilling life: to help you cut short the time you spend carrying the weight of confusion, frustration, shame, guilt, failure and inadequacy. I also know how to conquer these things and I want to help you do the same and break free.

Who do I serve?

What I do is not for everyone. It is for the woman who is ready to do what it takes to go beyond living and start thriving. More importantly, it is for she who is ready to embrace all of who she is and retake her power to break free and live fully.


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